Wednesday, December 22, 2010

StopZilla Review

Stop-Zilla is a powerful, award-winning anti-spyware and adware removal device that finds and blocks potentially dangerous files on your PC. Produced by software program maker iS3, STOPzilla continues to increase the regular with regards to pc safety and has won many rewards by well-respected organizations such as Tucows, Geek Files, Cnet, and much more.

Stop-Zilla successfully scans, blocks and removes adware including:
  • Popup ads
  • phishing attacks
  • hijackers
  • rootkits
  • Trojans
  • Bots
  • and all other forms of malware

So what makes "STOPzilla" the very best spyware and adward remover? The important thing to the program's massive good results in our opinion will be the fact that it attacks possible threats to your private computer head on, in real-time. STOPzilla begins working to guard your PC the very moment you turn it on, detecting, blocking, and removing recognized and potential spyware infections before they are able to do any harm.

STOPzilla also acts as being a popup stopper and can even clear your internet browser cookies and history automatically. The software program updates immediately, protecting you 24/7 from threats while you surf the web.

The latest model from the program includes SITEguard spyware prevention. This function detects and blocks potentially malicious websites and protects your computer from exploits, phishing attacks, and spyware.

Stop-Zilla consists of totally free limitless customer support which we've discovered to become very educated. Assistance is available via toll-free phone calls, e-mail, or live chat.